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Welcome to Hilltribehouse

Original designs by Pim

Each design has been inspired by and uses vintage textiles either as the main fabric or as a decorative trimming.

Click on the image to begin Browsing through over 100 designs that have appeared in magazines and fashion shows since 2011.

Many are one of a kind pieces while others can be made again providing we have the vintage Hill Tribe fabric in stock.

Accessories & Jewellery

We have a selection of accessories and jewellery that we have selected from our travels in Thailand.  They have been chosen for their quality and uniqueness.  Some of the jewellery we have made ourselves to compliment our fashion designs while others are original tribal ornaments.

Hand woven Cotton and Hemp textiles

We stock a collection of handwoven cotton textiles from the North East of Thailand and Laos. Each roll of fabric has been selected by hilltribehouse when we visit the dyers and weavers. Each Fabric has been dyed with natural dyes such as Indigo, Thai ebony tree, Mango and Krang.

Vintage Hill Tribe textiles

We have a large collection of Vintage Hill tribe textiles taken from old costumes. 

Including Hemp and Cotton batik,  embroidery,  baby carriers, skirts, hats etc.  If you can't see what you are looking for contact us and we will do our best to help.

Home decor

We have begun to produce a range of fabrics for cushion covers and other Home Decor products.  The unique indigo cotton.fabric is designed and made by us at hilltribehouse.

We also make other cushion covers from selected vintage Hill Tribe textiles.  You can also see these in our ETSY shop.