About us

About Us

The story behind Hilltribehouse

Pim, the owner and creative force behind Hilltribehouse (AKA Baansukhosamosorn) used to be a career Nurse for 20 years before she quit her secure job to begin working for herself.  Using her medical knowledge she started her own massage school affiliated to the Thai school of Traditional medicine.  This was to be a stepping stone to realizing her dream as an independent designer.

With no formal training in design or sewing she taught herself by trial and error developing her own unique style of comfortable clothing using a mix of vintage Hill Tribe textiles and new Hemp/Cotton fabric.

With over 10 years experience as an independent designer she now runs a successful business making limited edition hand-made clothing.  Hilltribehouse is a small business based at our home near Chiang Mai where Pim has her design studio and vintage fabric collection.

Pim now has two shops in Chiang Mai which we use to showcase or designs as well as selling both vintage and new hand woven fabrics.

Hilltribehouse (Baansukhosamosorn) also features in several Thai fashion magazines and the photos can be seen on this website and pinterest.

If you have any questions please contact us.